There is a range of different French courses in White House Academy where the student can learn, improve and practice their language with professional instructors. 

In White House Academy we have a different way of instruction as we aim at the acquisition of the language not just learning it.

 The instructors in White House Academy are fully aware of the latest methodologies and techniques of instruction and they have the patience necessary to help the Student learn the language easily and express them confidently.

The General French Course:
The general French course focuses on developing the four language skills. Listening, speaking, reading and writing. The course also helps learners improve their pronunciation.
Students work individually, in pairs and in groups to help them build their confidence and communicate easily.

(1) A1 
( A1-1) - ( A1-2 ) 

(2) A2
(A2-1) - (A2-2) 

(3) B1 
(B1-1) - ( B1-2) 

(4) B2
(B2-1) - (B2-2) 

(5) C1 
(C1-1) - (C1-2) 

(6) C2
(C2-1) - (C2-2) 

Price of Track = 650 Pounds 
Time : 20 Hr
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