Data Base Courses

White house Academy courses in databases prepare you to set up the most powerful databases and the training through White house Academy using the latest and most powerful programs of creating databases such as (Access – Oracle – SQL server – My SQL)


Known for its program My SQL because it is produced by Microsoft a program most appropriate for the establishment of databases that work with the language of the PHP, through which we can establish the various sites where the advantage program MY SQL simple and easy to save and retrieve information through the pages of the net various typed in PHP and theremany of specialized courses in the MY SQL program offered by the Academy of the White House at the hands of an elite of specialists to produce a professional database designer


Program SQL SERVER produced by Microsoft Corp., one of the most powerful and greatest database programs, which can be through creation of a database characterized by stability and strength and be more convenient to work with many languages??, including the language of the (C #-ASP.NET), whether to set up programs or sites


Program the oracle produced by Oracle, a database program features protected very strong, high capacity, which does not matched database program last in the store a number behemoth of data as well as easy retrieval can be used for business databases as strong as the banks or the like, where the advantage Alaorkel the possibility of protectiondata powers

    • Item
    • Hrs
    • SQL Server
    • 30
    • Oracle
    • 200
    • My SQL
    • 30